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Workers’ compensation or work injury claims are handled in a unique way. Our experienced Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Key Largo, FL will assist you in determining what legal recourse is available to get you the maximum workers’ compensation benefits you deserve.

After a workplace injury, your recovery is a top priority. Your financial obligations, however, will keep on piling up. Bills and other daily expenses can add additional stress to an already overwhelming financial hardship.

Our Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Key Largo can explain what you need to know about workers’ compensation and help in every stage of the process, from initial claims to administrative hearings and appeals.

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    Professional Help with Workers’ Compensation Claims

    Most commonly, the victim of a work-related injury seeks compensation from an employers’ workers’ compensation insurance rather than the employer themselves. Employers in Key Largo, FL are required to insure their employees to protect their business assets. The insurance can transfer risk and litigation cost from the employer to the insurance company.

    After a work injury, injured workers are required to file a workers’ compensation claim describing their injuries and seek medical assistance. In the case of awork-related injury, the insurance company will offer a settlement to cover medical costs and time off work. Contact our expert Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Key Largo, FL before agreeing to the workers’ compensation offer. You may get a more favorable settlement with us.

    Common work injury claims include: back injuries, construction accidents, agricultural accidents, slip-and-fall accidents, traumatic brain injuries, repetitive stress injuries, work-related motor vehicle accidents, work-related illnesses, denied claims.

    Let our highly trained Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Key Largo, FL handle your legal issues while you focus on healing. Call 786-222-7767 to schedule your free consultation today.

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    Studies show that the parties who choose professional legal help recover more workers’ compensation benefits than parties who rely on their employer to do the right thing. So, if you or a loved one has been in a workplace accident in Key Largo, it’s important to seek an experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Key Largo, FL.