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After being injured on the job, some people choose to pursue their workers’ compensation benefits on their own. When you decide to navigate the workers’ compensation process without the assistance of a qualified Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Marathon, you risk making errors that can risk your ability to get the full and fair compensation to which you are entitled.

The Law Office of Stephen Renick, a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Marathon can assist you with every aspect of this complex process. The steps in the workers’ compensation claim can be complicated. Our professional Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Marathon can help you effectively navigate the process and obtain the fair compensation to which you are entitled.

As your experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in Marathon, we will complete the entire process on your behalf professionally.

So, don’t risk your future by facing an insurer and the insurance company’s legal expert on your own.

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    Have you been injured at work? Let us guide you.

    Workplace injuries can occur in any job, from construction sites and warehouses to office buildings and restaurants. If you have been harmed at work, you might face extensive medical bills, lost income and even vocational rehabilitation to learn new job skills.

    Common Injuries in a Workers’ Compensation Claim

    Every workplace poses some risk of injury. While some work-related injury can result in nothing more than scrapes and bruises, others can be life changing. Some of the most common types of serious injuries sustained in workplace mishaps include: back injuries, construction accidents, agricultural accidents, slip-and-fall accidents, traumatic brain injuries, repetitive stress injuries, work-related motor vehicle accidents, work-related illnesses, etc.

    Many times, severe work-related injuries prohibit workers from ever performing the tasks required by their jobs again. In addition to pain and suffering, permanent disabilities lead to lost income, insurance issues and huge medical bills. Our Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Marathon, FL are committed to helping victims of work injuries obtain the full and fair compensation to which they are entitled.

    Speaking to a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Marathon sooner, rather than later, can ensure that your claim is on the right track from the beginning. It is easier for the attorney to gather evidence and push your compensation claim in the right direction earlier, rather than catching up if your claim is already in litigation.

    So, if you have been injured on the job, feel free to contact a knowledgeable Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Marathon, FL today to discuss your case.

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